Remmy "Rex" Thorial

" I ain't no coward, jest runnin ta git a betta aim"


name: Remmy “Rex” Thorial
gender: male
race: homo-mammalia (human-porcupine)
domicile: Liston Street Bunkhouse
height, weight: 6’4" 201 lbs.
eyes: grey
unusual features: scars on upper chest, left eye squinting.
parents: Holly Thorial, Morsaal Thorial
children: none
occupation: item forager
medical conditions: quick temper, mild antisocial
bathing habits: bi-daily
sleep patterns: night owl
drives: bike cart.
organizations: Liston Street Sweepers
obsessions: plain pasta, furry animal babies
secret passion: revenge for brother’s death
main frustration: father
body type: mesomorph (muscular)
food- pasta
clothes- baggy pants, vests
color- orange
hobbies- metalworking
pastimes- salvaging

game stats:
intelligence: 6
agility: 8
strength: 8
speed: 9
attack: 7
defense: 9
starting items:
quill-shot , copper ballistic armor, combat knife, minor med kit, type-E breather mask


growing up in the post apocalyptic world Rex hated his father. Rex’s father, the leader of the Liston street sweepers, was abusive to both Rex and Rex’s little brother Emar (deceased).Rex is a Homo-mammalia. being genetically human-porcupine. Rex is known for his quick temper and even quicker thinking skills. as a member of the scavenge pack known as “the Liston Street Sweepers” he is 28 years old and the leader of foraging operations. as a child Rex had the opportunity to be a squire on Council, but refused after finding knowledge of his mother’s murder by councilor Veron.

Remmy "Rex" Thorial

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