Dragon Apple tree (Malus Draconis)

" tastes like jelly, looks like a fish"


common name: dragon apple
color description: branches is a red/violet color in winter months, green/violet in summer months. leaves are a dark green year round.
leaf type: narrow with serrated edges and tapering to a broad point.
plant type: plant is tree-like in structure with bark containing a powerful laxative.
fruit:fruit has a hard “shell” comprised of tri-seeded “scales”. pulp resembles a gelatinous substance.
root type: typically contains 5-8 large taproots with many minor branching “finger roots”.
environment: plant grows in both tropical and sub-tropical climate.
flowers: small white-orange
seeds/reproduction: seeds are found inside the “scales” of the fruit.
medicinal qualities: bark act as a laxative when ground up and mixed with water. the fruit is high in antioxidants and vitamin A.
harmful qualities: eating leaves causes minor sickness.
items gained from harvesting plant: 6-8 fruit (.5 lbs each) 1-4 bark piece (0 lbs each)
crafting recipes related to item: dragon apple jelly, dragon apple pie, bark tea.


the dragon apple is a relative to the pre-merge pomegranate. while mostly found growing in orchards this tree is one of the most common fruit trees in avaera.

Dragon Apple tree (Malus Draconis)

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